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Rio Elite Light 12 Gauge

  •  This 12 Gauge ammunition from Rio is factory new ammo that is non-corrosive
  • Reloadable with a brass case and boxer primer
  •  Ideal for Clay shooting

Golden Pheasant 20 Gauge

  • 1200 FPS
  • Shot Size #4
  • Tight patterns of plated lead shot to knock down big birds

Estate High Velocity 28 Gauge

  • Designed to offer outstanding accuracy and a powerful punch
  • Either #6 or #7 1/2
  • Extra hard shot and brass plated metal heads add impressive impact

Premium Personal Defense .410 Bore

  • Payloads of #4 shot or buckshot and a special hull design give these loads threat-stopping power
  • Lead Composition
  • 2 1/2″