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Protective Eyeware is a recommendation for gun enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you are a novice shooter or an expert eyewear should be worn at all times. Prescription Glasses For Shooting. 

Protective Firearm Eyeware

XPT-2 Ballistic Shooting Glasses

  • Die-cut, wrap-around, curve design gives distortion-free viewing and less eye fatigue
  • Made from shatterproof, ballistic, selenite, polycarbonate
  • Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays

Pyramex Shooting Glasses

  • This set comes with a fully adjustable frame, lenses in clear, amber, orange, sun block bronze and infinity blue
  • Set comes with a waterproof zipper case
  • Cloth bag for the lenses.

RSG3 Interchangeable Lens Shooting Glasses

  • Allows you to choose the best frame for different shooting conditions
  • Choose between the clear, amber, or smoke
  • Lightweight metal frame

Eye Protection 3 Pack

  • GREY lens glasses for outdoor applications. Offers protection from excessive glare
  • CLEAR lens glasses for indoor applications that require impact protection.
  • AMBER lens glasses used for indoor, low light applications to enhance contrast

Boogie SOEP Goggle

  • 100% protection from UVA/B/C rays
  • Lowest profile goggle on the market.
  • A 35mm strap keeps the goggle secured regardless of activity