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A Glock Killer? An Honest Review of the Springfield XDS 9mm

Springfield XDS 9mm

When you’re looking for the perfect handgun, you want something that will hit your target. You also want something you can carry without anyone else knowing. 

Performance combined with concealability makes a perfect handgun. These two characteristics make the Springfield XDS 9mm a nearly perfect handgun.

This thorough Springfield XDS 9mm review will help you best understand why so many people are choosing this handgun. 

Springfield XDS 9MM Overview

The Springfield XDS is a somewhat controversial gun among gun enthusiasts. Some people love it for the XDS weight not to mention its concealability. Others say it’s just Glock knockoff. 

The single-stack handgun is a pocket-sized XDS carryable handgun. The Springfield XDS 9mm specs vary with the difference in the barrel length and caliber. 

  1. 3.3″ model with a 9mm, .40, or .45 caliber
  2. 4.0 model with either a 9mm or .45 caliber

This article will focus on the 3.3″ 9mm gun, which retails at a mere $499.99. 

The XDS is among the best handguns on the market today. It came out originally in 2012. Springfield conducted a voluntary recall in 2013 that you can read about below. The gun we are reviewing is post-recall. 

The success of the XDS speaks for itself. It received the Ladies Choice Awards 2015. The .45ACP XD-S received the American Rifleman’s 2013 Pistol of the Year Honors as well, which speaks for the Springfield brand overall. 

The Recall

In 2013 Springfield issued a recall of the XDS they had released in 2012. We’re going to take a moment to take a look at the recall because it speaks to the high integrity of Springfield.

Users of the original XDS quickly discovered a problem with the gun. The gun could fire while the user was chambering a round. While Springfield received some criticism from the gun community for the problem, they reacted by issuing a recall and fixing the problem. 

Users with both a pre-recall and post-recall gun report that the gun has a smoother-feeling trigger pull. The gun itself is slightly heavier than the original version. 

The post-recall version is safe and reliable now. It does not present the same problems as the original gun. 


Often times a small handgun wins awards for its concealable nature. You can hide it easily. However, many gun manufacturers sacrifice accuracy for concealability. 

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The Springfield XDS 9mm does not make such a sacrifice. It has proven to be capable of delivering an accurate shot despite its small specs. 

The gun can handle a wide variety of ammunition. In general, reviewers say the 147-grain bullets perform best. 

The performance reviews for the XDS 9mm are referring to how it performs on a range at 20 yards from the target. Considering your target will most likely be much closer than 20 yards away, you can trust the XDS to hit your target. 

The XDS 9mm capacity is notable as well. Springfield offers an extended magazine that will hold eight cartridges instead of seven, making the gun a range-friendly piece when you aren’t trying to conceal the weapon. 

You do lose a bit of velocity when you move from a 3.8-inch barrel to a 3.3-inch barrel. The 9mm velocity will range from 20 to 50 feet per second. 


Springfield aimed to create a gun with the feel and control of a full-size handgun but with a smaller, more concealable package. In other words, they wanted to create a shootable carry gun. 


So they designed a polymer-framed pistol with a single-stack magazine. The magazine will hold seven rounds with one in the chamber. The magazine fits flush into the grip. 


The Springfield designers made the gun look serious. It comes in a heavy-duty molded plastic case with frame cutouts. They also include the magazine, paddle holster, and magazine holster in the entire package for $499.99.

Slide and Trigger

The slide consists of mostly straight lines slide. It has a series of cocking serrations along the side. 

Reviewers call the trigger heavy. The gun contains a crisp, audible reset and a grip safety for added security. The grip safety is a unique feature and one reason why some people choose the XDS. 


The heavily-textured grip makes the weapon easy to grab and hold. This meaty grip will leave its imprint on your hand after you’ve shot several rounds ta the range. It increases the control of the gun as well. 

The XDS comes with an interchangeable grip panel that allows you to accommodate the gun to your specific hand size. The grip width itself is .9 inches, but you can change the depth.  

The grip height is 4.4 inches with the traditional magazine and 5 inches with the extended magazine. The grip also includes an ambidextrous magazine release, showing the Springfield pays attention to the details. 


The XDS mm comes with a fiber-optic front sight and two-dot rear sight, making for excellent target acquisition. It also performs adequately in a low-light situation. Springfield also includes spare fiber-optic tubing so you can select between a red or green front sight. 

Springfield created one of the best sites out there for a concealed handgun.   


There are mixed reviews about the concealability of the XDS. If you opt for the extended magazine, you end up with a longer grip that sticks out when you’re attempting to conceal the weapon. So you need to save the extended magazine for the range and not for when you’re carrying.

With that said, the extra .6 on the grip gives you better control, so keep this in mind if you’re opting for control over concealability. Plus, the shot packs a real punch without the grip extension. 

The XDS weight gives it some bonus points with reviewers. The short barrel and 23-ounce weight makes it good for carrying. Reviewers note the gun carries especially well at the 3 o’clock or 6’opclock position on a waist holster. 

The meaty grip does create a problem with concealment. The chunky grip creates a more visible shape under clothing, make it a less concealable weapon, despite its compact size. Gun enthusiasts have commented that Springfield should have rounded the edges of the gun more to create a more concealable weapon

Carry and Conceal With Confidence 

The Springfield XDS 9mm is a compact and precise gun that many gun enthusiasts back for its accuracy and concealability. 

For all of your handgun needs, visit our site and learn about us. We’d love to hook you up with the best weapon for your needs. 

12 thoughts on “A Glock Killer? An Honest Review of the Springfield XDS 9mm”

  1. For under $100 more($479-539), the Hellcat delivers more firepower, comfort and versatility. The XDS is fine, but I prefer the XDE, and the wife LOVES her Hellcat OSP.
    Think the latest products when doing a review!

  2. I’ve converted to XD and XDM totally and have sold my glocks. I’ve also installed trigger upgrades from powder river precision in all of them and they are even better now.

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  4. Years ago I tried several pistols, I lost part of a R middle finger in an industrial accident, to find one that I could hold comfortably. Tried a SIG, was always shooting high and to the right, Tried a Glock XXX, felt good and no targeting issues, tried the Xd, felt good and no targeting issues. I’d done my research and decided on the Xd. I LOVE the grip safety, lots of training hours out of a holster and range time and zero, absolutely zero issues. I call it a point and click. Dead reliable, I’ve done some minor mods to the trigger, a extended mag release and slide release and night sights. My friend has an XDs, exactly the same feeling, even though it’s smaller.

  5. Has to be one of the worst reviews of a firearm I have ever read. Did an editor review this mess? Is it sights or sites?? What does, “The 9mm velocity will range from 20 to 50 feet per second. ” actually mean? And to defend “Springfield Armory” for putting out a firearm that has accidental discharges while loading a round because they failed to adequately test it before selling to the public is just pathetic. Sad, indeed.

  6. Carry concealed now for 3 years now. You can’t get a better weapon with the extras you receive. XD’s in 45 cal. is a excellent conceal carry weapon

  7. I bought a xds 45, it shot so good I tried a xds 9 both 4″ love both very accurate .Sand bag at 45 ft. 1 1/2″ group

  8. I like my Glock 30.If I ever get my NICS returned[GDed lying ex wife&co],I’ll go for a full sized Glock 21 with 24 lb springs,load 45ACP+P or 460 Rowland]
    Glocks magazine interchange with different models-a real plus.Now that they’ve apparently gone to conventional rifling I can use bullets.

  9. Took one look at the site picture and started the paperwork, credit card in hand. Shoots very nicely. I like the gun.

  10. Grip
    The heavily-textured grip makes the weapon easy to grab and hold. This meaty grip will leave its imprint on your hand after you’ve shot several rounds ta the range. It increases the control of the gun as well.
    Where was your spell checker “ta” instead of “at”. Credibility is at stake here.

    The 9mm with a polymer frame may be fine, but with a 45 ACP one may wish a metal frame for strength and to adsorb the recoil. My AMT 45 ACP Backup is all stainless steel with the frame and slide thicker than my full size 1911, but the AMT Backup was designed when AMT was designing the 45 AUTOMAG hence the metal thickness carried over to the Backup.


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