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Best Gun Safes In 2020

Rhino Gun Safe

Are you an avid firearm enthusiast? Do you own a gun safe? If no you definitely should! Gun safes are primarily used to prevent access to unauthorized or unqualified persons, for burglary protection, and, in more capable safes, to protect the contents from damage during a flood, fire, or natural disaster. Electronic locks as well as mechanical locks are available on many models of safes. Some safes use live locking bolt technology and pry resistant metal to ensure the secure protection of its contents against forced entry.

What is the best Gun Safe? Who makes the best Gun Safe? We are here to help you make the most of your money and give you our opinion on the top Gun Safes on the market today!

1. Ironworks AIW6033X

The first Gun Safe that we have the honor of recommending is the Ironworks AIW6033X from the fine folks at Rhino Metals. This Gun Safe in particular measures 60″H x 33″W x 27″D and has the capacity to safely store up to 36 long guns and 6 handguns. Coming in at a whopping 960 pounds once placed this safe aint going anywhere! A full 130 minutes of fire protection at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. We cannot recommend this Gun Safe enough.

2. Kodiak K5933EX

Another fine Gun Safe from the folks over at Rhino Metals, the Kodiak K5933EX sets the bar high when it comes to style and security. This safe measures 59″H x 33″W x 21″D and has the capacity to hold up to 28 long guns and 6 handguns. Weighing in at 550 pounds another sturdy gun safe. Spring loaded re-locker keeps safe secure if lock is tampered with.

3. Longhorn Security Safe / End Table / Nightstand

Yet another great gun safe from Rhino Metals here is a twist on the traditional gun safe. Keep your firearms close with this Gun Safe that also doubles as a Nightstand! This safe measures 26″H x 20″W x 18″D and weighing 150 pounds. Also equipped with a top drawer for a handgun, jewelry or any other personal items. There is also a handgun holder on the doorback.

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The Fast Box Model 47 by Secureit Tactical is a fantastic gun safe for any hunter, or firearm enthusiast. Horizontal and vertical applications allow for numerous fast access locations. This gun safe can hold up to two long guns.  The mounts vertically to store 2 rifles and or shotguns. Allows you to give access to small caliber firearms to some members of the family while securing larger firearms. Can fit boats, trucks and RVs.


The 1450 Mirror Gun Safe is truly a unique feature here on our list. Is it a mirror or a gun safe? Conceal your firearm like no other and keep them out of reach from anyone who doesn’t need to know where they are!  It provides a convenient and quickly accessible storage space that can be easily hidden from view. This hidden wall storage space can be used for any variety of items including rifles, handguns, ammunition, tasers, flashlights, or anything you want to hide from view but still have quick access to.


Another great hidden gun safe from Tactical Walls. This attractive piece of standalone furniture provides a similar staging solution to those found in other areas of the company’s lineup, with a hidden bottom unit that hinges open on pneumatic struts. Once the bottom is fully hinged open, a tray slides out to reveal a hidden handgun. Unlocking the Tactical Walls Concealment End Table is as simple as swiping a magnetic key over a particular location on the table’s top, and the unit opens quickly.

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