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Ankle Carry

Ankle Holster from CrossBreed

  • Deep concealment option for small to medium firearms including some revolvers
  • Padded ankle section for greater comfort
  • All Ankle holsters will fit up to a 12” circumference ankle.

Ankle Glove (Ankle Holster)

  • Premium Steerhide
  • Retention strap with reinforced thumb break on most models
  • Fits ankle up to 13″ in circumference

Ankle Lite (Ankle Holster)

  • Premium Center Cut Steerhide construction
  • Comfortable genuine sheepskin padding
  • Fits ankles up to 13″ in circumference

Sticky Holster AnkleBiter

  • Ideal for small guns, but the size of gun is only limited by the cut of your pants
  • You can even carry an extra magazine or knife right beside your choice of pistol.
  • Ambidextrous holster